The Absent Prince In search of missing men


About the Author:

Una Suseli O’Connell was a teacher in traditional and alternative schools for twenty years before training in Systemic Family Constellations at the Hellinger Institute of New York in 2001. She worked in inner city schools, supporting children with emotional and behavioural difficulties and managing issues around belonging, inclusion, family and culture. Una now works independently, providing workshops for educators, school therapists and social workers. She has two adult daughters and lives with her husband in North Hertfordshire.



Do we inherit the psychological as well as the material legacies of our ancestors, the hidden dynamics that influence our relationship patterns, our health and our self-image?

Una’s heartfelt family memoir, based on her parents’ letters and diaries, follows the arc of individual lives between the years 1933 and 1997. Over a four-year period Una travelled in England, Ireland, Switzerland and the United States speaking with people who knew her parents and grandparents. Alongside painful and shameful family secrets, she discovered stories of great emotional courage, resilience and abiding love.