Lexical Lockdown


Life has never been very kind to Joyce.  Forced into the role of carer from an early age, she’s is only fourteen when she loses both her parents just weeks apart.  She moves from Cornwall to Bristol and finally finds the happiness she craves, only for it to be cruelly ripped away from her when her adored employer is killed in an air raid.

As the war rages around her, Joyce fights to find lasting peace.




It’s the year of 2020

Which no one will forget,

When we fought a lethal virus

That posed a deadly threat.

Mel rhymes her way through lockdown,

It enables her to cope,

And in her witty verses

Spreads positivity and hope,

About the Author:

Melanie Haagman lives in south-east England and started writing poetry when she was eight. She studied for a teaching degree at the University of Brighton and went on to specialise in teaching children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. She recently left teaching in a school to work privately and focus on writing.  Melanie self-published her first poetry collection, ‘Open Heart Poetry’, in 2019, which aimed to break the stigma associated with OCD. She enjoys reading, travelling and sports, especially tennis, taking inspiration from all these activities and incorporating it into her writing.